Nail It To The Cross

This is a song by Marcia Henry/Centergy Music and made popular by The Whisnants.  To enjoy online to YouTube The Whisnants – Nail It To The Cross

Is there something in your heart – between you and the Lord

Are you drifting apart – not as close anymore

There’s nothing you can do – that He  will not forgive

Bring it to the cross – let it die so you can live


Nail it to the cross – get it under the blood

Drown your pain and every stain in the mercy flood

Nail it to the cross – find hope and forgiveness

Kneel at the tree and walk away free – Nail it to the cross


Is there a burden you bear that’s go you battered and bound

Struggling for strength, do you long to lay it down?

Don’t take another step, just kneel where you stand

Lay it at the cross take the hammer in your hand