The Fire Spreads! Keep it burning.

The book of Acts defines the ministry of the church as continuing what Jesus did on earth and what He stated would happen after he left.

The passion of the Holy Ghost Fire is a flame that touches all it comes in contact with and as a result there is a fervent desire within the heart of the one that is touched by FIRE!  The fire of the early church leaped from person to person, city to city, and country to country until there was great growth as seen in the following instances:

  • The original 120 received the Holy Ghost and Fire – Acts 1:15
  • 3,000 were baptized and added to the church in one day – Acts 2:41
  • People were added to the church daily – Acts 2:47
  • 5,000 more were added – Acts 4:4
  • Multitudes of men and women were added – Acts 5:14
  • Disciples were multiplied (thousands and thousands) – Acts 6:1
  • Religious leaders were added – Acts 6:7
  • Both men and women were baptized in the Samaritan revival under Phillip – Acts 8:12
  • An Ethiopian was baptized – Acts 8:38
  • Entire towns turned to the Lord – Acts 9:35
  • A great number of Gentiles turned unto the Lord – Acts 11:21
  • A Roman Deputy became a believer – Acts 13:12
  • Great multitudes of Jews and Greeks believed – Acts 14:1
  • Churches established and increased in number daily – Acts 16:5
  • Many Berean nobleman believed and also prominent Greek women – Acts 17:10-12
  • Crispus, chief ruler of the synagogue, and his household believed, as well as many of the Corinthians,  and were baptized – Acts 18:8
  • Twelve men received the Holy Ghost – Acts 19:1-7
  • Many Jews and Greeks believed – Acts 20:18

The growth of the early church came as a result of something that happened and was unusual to what the people were used to seeing and experiencing.  It was POWER and FIRE as it began on the day of PENTECOST!