Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory prayers are very important in the body of Christ, many times the only chance our lost loved ones have to be saved is by us standing in the gap and interceding on their behalf.

So then begs the question, what effects do my prayers have for someone else who’s living in the world?Do my prayers really matter?

Lets look no further than the story of Abraham talking with God about sparing the city of Sodom and Gomorrah if He were to find righteousness within the city. Now this is just me but I don’t believe Abraham was sitting on an old rock and having a conversation over the campfire. Abraham was interceding on behalf of his nephew Lot and his family, as well as anyone that might have any hope of coming to God. I believe this was and still is an example of intercessory prayer!

I also believe that had Abraham not step into the gap between God and the sister cities, we would have had a very different outcome that day. Why? Because God listens to our burdens, He hears our cries,
and he sees our hearts, and our sacrifice.

Likewise our prayers can make a difference in the lives of our lost families and loved ones, its a key to soul-winning. when we are in our prayer closet and our brother or sister are at the bar, or perhaps simply living a lifestyle that not pleasing to God, our prayers can cause God to move and speak to
that person right where their at, and speak to their hearts and knowing somebody is praying on their behalf. How powerful to know that God isn’t confined to our church buildings or our prayer closets, that our prayers can reach different zip codes, counties, states, and even around the world!

We should be sensitive to when God speaks to us throughout the day, when a name pops in our head or someones face, more times than not God is trying to tell us, stop and pray. I can tell you many stories of people in the church, who were almost in an accident or was dealing with a situation, only for God
to come through at the last minute and deliver for them, then come to find out through the “grape vine” someone received the burden to pray at that exact moment.

Theres also times when we need to intercede for those in the church as well.

The following is an excerpt from a book titled: The Intercessors

“We should pray for our pastor and his wife, for they labor to provide us with spiritual food. The pastor studies, prays, visits, encourages, preaches,and performs many other services in which he pours out his life for his congregation. His wife sacrifices her own feelings and desires to unselfishly allow him to fulfill his burden. By investing our intercessory prayers in them, we bless ourselves as well as them.

We should pray for our brothers and sisters in the church. We are our brothers keeper. In some forests, trees seldom topple over because they are so intertwined that they support on another in their branches and roots. By investing intercession in our brothers and sisters, we also help solidify, and
strengthen our own walk with God.

Investments sometimes demand sacrifice in order to bring benefits later. People will save a portion of their income to invest when they would really like to spend it now for something. But they wisely know
that it will pay dividends down the road.

Intercession may be sacrificial at times, It may be physically and emotionally demanding. At times a prayer burden will take a tremendous toll on a person. But taking time to pray when other things
press us for attention is investing now for a heavenly payday later.

Intercession is being kingdom minded. Intercession is seeking first the kingdom of God. Intercession is denying oneself, taking up the cross, and following Jesus. If we lay up treasures in Heaven, we will never be sorry.

One song asked, “What good has my life been? Someday ill surely know. How many souls did I win? Eternity will show.” These words place our priorities in proper focus. By being used of God in proper
intercession, our lives can touch many others for eternity.”

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