Passion and Determination

On a recent visit to my home, my grandfather who’s 82 began to reminisce. He recalled a time in his life that he was in a position to take part in a top secret operation with the government. As a retired military man and sailor this would easily become the high light of his career.

Once he received the nod, the wheels of bureaucracy began to turn at the pace that they are famous for. Everything was going as planned until he was sent for his physical. It was imperative that he be in great shape. They would be on a ship for months without any external support. Every aspect of his physical body was checked and double checked, even his teeth had to be certified, repaired or removed before the mission date. The physical was so intense that they found my grandfather had a single kidney stone.

This was years before “laser” or “arthroscopic” surgery had come to be. The doctor informed him that he would not be able to get on the ship being as there would be no support or surgeon for his potential problem on the boat. The mission could not be placed in jeopardy due to his potential medical condition. He asked about having it removed and the doctor informed him that they did not like to cut a kidney unless it was absolutely necessary. He was sent home disappointed and discouraged.

He just could not accept the facts. He went back to the doctor with determination. My grandfather told the doctor, you can take the whole kidney out as long as I’m on that ship when she pulls out! The doctor removed the stone and my grandfather was on the ship when she left. The ship was the “Global Explorer” and the mission was “Operation Azorian”. It’s purpose was to recover a sunken Russian sub called “K-123”. Mission accomplished.

When was the last time you felt such passion that you would do whatever it takes to see something through? What last moved you to the point that you became obsessed with it? Was it church? Is it Family? Why not a love for the lost? As Christians we need to have the mind of Christ that Paul spoke about. This mindset will also hold the passion of Christ.

There is an old gospel song called, “The old Gospel Ship.” It speaks volumes to us. It’s chorus states, O, I’m gonna take a trip in the good old Gospel ship, I’m going far beyond the sky; O, I’m gonna shout and sing until the heavens ring, while I’m bidding this world goodbye. Our prayer should be similar to my grandfathers request, you can take the whole world as long as I’m on that ship when she pulls out! With “mind of Christ”, we too someday can say, “Mission accomplished!”

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