Dressed for Success

Dressed for Success – by George Cuff

All true believers are in a war
with an evil enemy we cannot ignore.
We must be alert every hour
remaining strong in God’s mighty power
To defeat the flesh and demonic teams
who carry out the devil’s schemes.
In order to triumph in this test,
the Bible tells us how we should dress.

We buckle on the belt of truth.
Works best if we wear it from our youth.
The Breastplate of Righteousness does its part
giving protection to the heart.
Fitted with peace, our feet are ready
to move in battle or stand steady.
The shield of faith provides protection
when arrows are fired from every direction.

Our minds we protect from evil temptation
by wearing the helmet of salvation.
We pick up the fearsome sword of the spirit
so lethal to demons they won’t come near it.
This is how we dress each day,
but before we head out, we stop to pray.
We exalt our God with prayers and praises
trusting His guidance in all its phases.

There’s coming a day when we’ll battle no more,
but until that day we fight in this war.
The armor, the weapons and giving of thanks
help us defeat the enemy’s ranks.
So get up tomorrow; be ready to fight,
put on the armor; go forth in God’s might.
Soon our Lord will call us up higher,
but the devil will land in the Lake of Fire.

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