Bulletin – September 8, 2013

Warning:   Are You Prepared?

When a much anticipated trip is approaching, we eagerly prepare for it.  We make lists, arrange schedules, buy needed

items, and depending on the length of time to be away, we may stop the mail, make sure the bills are paid, the home, yard, pets, etc. are all taken care of and we pack, repack because we don’t want to forget anything and we want to be absolutely sure everything is ready for departure.  Friend, we ARE on a journey(spiritual) and it is imperative that everything be right for there is no room for mistakes.  This is a chance for a one-time trip of a lifetime.

What must we do to prepare?  There is a Plan (Acts 2:38).  Step 1. We must Repent (die to sin). Step 2. We must be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ(buried).  It is VERY important for the formula to be right.  (Acts 4:12)  the only name given among men whereby we must be saved.  It is the name of the bridegroom that we take on in baptism.  He is coming for those called by his name!   Step 3. Receiving the “treasure”  the Holy Ghost. (We Arise up from the watery grave into a new way of life in Christ Jesus). The earnest of our inheritance and the power to keep and protect us.  Step 4. This is the Maintenance Phase!  To maintain, we must die daily to fleshly desires, (Prayer, Bible study..),  have a continuous relationship with Him, and holiness without which no man shall see the Lord (Heb 12:14).

What is the real purpose of life?  We are to live for and serve him, Jesus Christ.  It’s about having a relationship that is special and never wanting to jeopardize it in any way.  We are to share with others the hope of eternity because pay day is coming and there are only two choices, Heaven or Hell.  It is by the decisions and actions in our living as to how we will spend our eternity!

The basic difference between a weather watch and a weather warning is the immediacy of weather conditions. A storm watch is issued to alert people in a certain region, in advance, that conditions are favorable for dangerous weather. Watches are issued to prepare people for this possibility so they can take appropriate safety measures. Storm Warnings indicates that severe storms or the conditions that produce severe storms have been observed in nearby areas and will likely reach the location being warned. Warnings mean it is closer to being evident!

Spiritually we have been alerted to Watch as in Mark 13 (Take time to read).   The warning is imminent  (Matt 24 and  Luke 21) as the world stage is being set and our redemption is drawing nigh!  Are you ready?  Or what do you lack to be prepared?  Today is the day of salvation!  Don’t delay – take ACTION!



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