Bulletin – September 30, 2012

Legacy of Worship

One of the first places we see the word Worship is in Genesis 22:5 “And Abraham said to his servants, Settle down and stay here with the donkey, and I and the young man will go yonder and worship and (a)come again to you.” (AMP)

Abraham, the “Friend of God”, is being called to approach worship in a place of supreme sacrifice. Responding with reverent obedience, he turned toward the high place of devotion. After telling the servants to stay behind, he and Isaac went up to worship.

Abraham left the security of fellowship and beast, which may have made the climb easier. Why?  It was a voyage of God’s divine choosing; how could the servants possibly understand what he was about to do? The donkey may have slowed his pace or perhaps he just needed to feel the weight of the burden himself. Comforts forgotten, he completed the journey and the covenant promise met the covenant maker.

Can we grasp the importance of Abraham including Isaac in the difficult task? By placing the wood upon Isaac’s shoulders, he taught the covenant promise to bear the burden of worship. Lifting the fire pot and knife, father and son made the climb together.

The word worship evokes memories of great church.  While prayer sets the atmosphere, the praise team leads us in a concert of praise making it is easy to respond in a form of worship. However; we shouldn’t forget, the summons to true worship is frequently met with a demand to ascend alone.

I continually witnessed my parents answering the summons  to their place of worship. The climbs were difficult, often met with loss; yet, with divine purpose. Each time, I discovered  great faith infused with heartfelt worship in the face of suffering. They simply released the covenant promise into the presence of the covenant keeper. What a powerful Legacy of Worship!

By Donna Ten Eyck, (Mississippi’s Daughters of Zion Director and Promotions Director for the District Ladies Ministries Committe)



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