Bulletin – September 9, 2012

Worthy Of Praise 

by Sis. Amy Hannah

One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to learn is to NOT measure myself against others, or to measure God’s love for me by what I have or do not have.  Even when I am sick-God is STILL a healer, Even when I lack things-He is STILL a provider, Even when I am discouraged-He is STILL a God of hope and peace. Even when I see others being blessed with the very things I have prayed for, but I still do not have-

YET will I praise Him!  God is not great because of what he does for ME-He is great because He is God. I need His help, I desire His blessings-I want His healing touch, but no matter how long I may go without all of my prayers being answered-I will STILL praise Him. Even when It seems there is nothing to bless His name for-I will bless His name. NO matter how my heart aches-I will praise Him. In spite of what He has allowed to happen in my life-that cuts to the very core of my being-no matter what I don’t understand-

I will still trust Him. When I pray for sunshine, and He sends rain-I will praise Him. When I ask for healing-yet, I remain in pain-I will trust Him.
He is STILL God, and He is GREATLY to be praised. I will bless the Lord at ALL times-His praises shall continually be in my mouth-

I will not allow my personal circumstances to dictate my Praise.
As long as I have breath-I WILL praise YOU Lord! As long as I can sing-I WILL sing your praises. Wherever you lead me-I will follow you. As long as I have breath-

I will praise you Lord.



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