Bulletin – May 27, 2012

Memorial Day is a public legal holiday in the United States of America and among its armed forces worldwide. It honors U.S. citizens who have died in war and the price that was paid fighting for the freedom that we now enjoy.  

The word memorial in scripture comes from a word that means to prick, to pierce, or to penetrate the memory.  So memorials are to aid man’s memory in preserving what he cherishes the most. All throughout the Bible God ordained and instituted the practice of building and having memorials because he wants us to remember. The very first Passover was to be a memorial to the Jewish people forever. It would serve to remind them how God spared their firstborn and how He delivered them from Egyptian bondage.  The Israelites when they were in the wilderness were commanded to take a pot and fill it with manna. They were instructed to do that so they would not forget how God had provided for them.  Then they came to the Jordan River and Joshua commanded twelve stones to be taken out of the Jordan River and be set up as a memorial of how God cut off the waters of the Jordan and allowed them to pass over on dry ground.

There are three reasons to build memorials.  1. To increase your own faith. Too many times we forget the things that God has done for us in the past so we have no faith for the future.  2. To increase the faith of others. Build so that it will encourage others to have faith.  God parted the Jordan for me and he can do it for you.  3. To give you victory over the devil.  The devil will tell you that nothing happened.  You can point him back to your memorial and tell him God did it for me right there.  Reflect upon your spiritual memorials today- Praise and rejoice!




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