Bulletin – June 10, 2012

Mission…South America

Tune in now for the latest report from Bill Taylor. Where I am staying is very HOT – I haven’t stopped sweating since I got here. Tuesday we went to Cuenca, Ecuador where Jefferson’s parents live….very cold there…thank God…lol! It is just lovely but treacherous….one curve after another in the mountains…sharp ones….no straight roads anywhere….three hours plus one way…..it was very taxing as these people here pass in no passing zones….they don’t slow down for curves….even Jefferson’s Dad drives this way…wow!! Going to Cuenca we got pulled over in the truck we were in because we were four in front with no seat belts….so the driver got a ticket….while he was at the back of the truck with the policeman I happened to take a picture of them from the mirror…the policeman saw me and came walking back up to the truck and told me NOT to take any more pictures…I thought I was going to jail and would have to call and tell you that I would have an extended stay here…but thank God that didn’t happen. The clouds were covering the roads to the point where we could hardly see.  I filmed some of the roads, the cars, the people on the roads, etc so you could see how it is –unbelievable!    You just about have head-ons all the time because it zig zags everywhere…road signs mean nothing…I am serious. There are tons of banana trees with huge bunches of bananas on them and coco trees, chocolate and sugar cane. Tell everyone at church that I really am missing them!!  I leave here Friday to go to Pasto Columbia where Stiven lives. (At the time of this printing..saw from FB post he made it to Columbia and there was suppose to be a music concert in which Bill would be a part of, but no word from him yet so until next week – stay tuned right here and keep him in your prayers.)



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