From the Pastor

     Who can gloat over his own strengths when he reads David’s story of human weakness and failure?  This man led in worship and praise, in economic prosperity, and in battle.  He was a teacher of truth and a writer of Scripture.  Few can compare to such an effective life.   With that in perspective, we must note that even the seemingly greatest or strongest among us can fall prey to their fleshly human nature.  In all our successes we must take heed that we do not fall into the same caverns of carnality.

     By studying this story, we also must recognize we have a God whose forgiveness is powerful.  Just as few have reached the height of David’s success, few have visited the lowness of his failure.  We also learn from David’s life that God can rescue and deliver anyone.  If a man like David can fall so low and still receive God’s work of restoration, then any one of us may find hope, strength, and restoration in Jesus Christ.

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